How to Hang Targets

We would like to remind everyone of the importance of target placement which makes for longer frame life and reduces maintenance costs. Proper target placement also provides for a clean and organized shooting environment which promotes safety and ensures a positive experience for all shooters. Below are some guidelines to follow concerning target placement.

The two examples above show how not to hang targets. Placing targets directly on the frame significantly shortens the life of the frame.

Always use a backer board when hanging targets. Be mindful to place the target on the lower part of the backer board so that it doesn’t overlap the cross frame. Backer boards are located in the covered area next to the warming hut.

Free standing H-frames are provided if you plan to shoot at distances for which no frames have been set up. The stand consist of two parts: a 2×4 base and the target holder. These two items are easily assembled and can be placed at the desired distance from the firing line.

Finally, clean up after your shooting session. Return the backers and H-frames to the covered area by the warming hut. Pick up any brass lying around the firing line. A brass collector is kept inside the warming hut and collected brass can be deposited in one of the buckets on the firing line. If you packed it in, then pack it out.


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