2024 Benchrest Competition

The Benchrest competition schedule for 2024 is shown below. The classes of competition are:

  • VFS (varmint for score)
  • HBR (hunter bench rest)

Range opens at 8:00 AM on Saturdays with match beginning at 9:00 AM. On Sundays the range opens at 7:00 AM with match beginning at 8:00 AM. The  shooter’s meeting starts half hour before the match. Entry fee is $15 per each 100 yds.

Date Class Yards
Apr 13
Apr 14
100, 200
100, 200
May 11-12 HBR - Bob Miller Memorial Shoot 100, 200, 300
Jun 8-9 VFS - Washington State Championship 100, 200, 300
Jul 13-14 HBR - Washington State Championship 100, 200, 300
Aug 10 VFS 200, 300
Sep 14-15 VFS - Club Championship 100, 200, 300

The target used for the event consists of five record bulls plus a sighter bull (lower right corner). The shooter is allowed as many shots as desired on the sighter and shoots one shot on each record bull. The center dot is considered the “X” with the 10 ring being the first ring around the dot. Best edge scoring is used with a perfect or “clean” target being a 50-5x. The shooter is allowed 7 minutes to complete a target.

One warm up target and five for score targets will be shot so you will need a minimum of 36 rounds and will probably shoot up to 75 rounds of ammunition.

Rules can be found in the Official Rules for Score Shooting Competition and in the NBRSA Official Rule Book and By-Laws.

If you have any questions, please call Jeff Klapstein at 509-860-3644 or Rocky Libbey at 509-679-8488.


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